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Will Member asked 11 months ago

Hi everybody 👋🏻  
Take a minute to introduce yourself here – tell us a little about yourself and why you ❤️ 🤖 so much…

Pouya Sobhanipour Member replied 10 months ago

my name is pouya
student in computer science
recently i started reading and searching about chat bots
they are cool . i’m working on my first projects on chat bots

2 Answers
Amit Bendor Member answered 11 months ago

I guys,
My name is Amit Bendor and i’m CTO & Co-Founder @Gooster.
I’m also the leader of the Israeli Bots community.

I love bots, they are fast, natural and fun to use!

Will Member replied 11 months ago

Nice to meet you Amit 🙂

Dominique Dejonghe Member answered 10 months ago

Hi, My name is Dominique Dejonghe.  I live in Belgium  and I’m a psychologist .  Last 20 years I was a business consultant helping companies becoming more efficient in their processes and in their customer engagement.  Logically Chatbots is the sweet spot for me.  i encountered my first chatbot ELIZA 🤖when I was studiying in Leuven.  Nowadays I help companies introduce chatbots and engage 👩‍❤️‍👩  with their customers.

Want to knwo more, visit my CV Bot here:  or surf to