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Nicolas ZEENS Member asked 11 months ago

Hey y’all, what’s your favorite platform to develop bots and why ?
Thanks a lot !

Ben Wakeford Member replied 11 months ago

I love Chatfuel because makes it easy to get up and running with an MVP quickly. A great to test it out with friends etc before going all-in and building the final product 😉

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Stéphane Castrec Member answered 11 months ago

My favorite platform for now is api.ai.
I’m using it and it’s really simple and quite powerful.
It’s still miss some stuff as Account_linking for messenger.

Dominique Dejonghe Member answered 11 months ago

My favoriete platform is Manychat.  Ideal for marketing purposes and engagement building with your audience.  You can segment, add sequences, make it fun…😎

Seetha Ram Member answered 5 months ago

I am a newbie. I have been trying out Collect.chat for some time.
It is very easy to build the bot. Not an AI centric bot but does the job well.