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Nicolas ZEENS Member asked 6 months ago

Hey y’all, what’s your favorite platform to develop bots and why ?
Thanks a lot !

Ben Wakeford Member replied 6 months ago

I love Chatfuel because makes it easy to get up and running with an MVP quickly. A great to test it out with friends etc before going all-in and building the final product 😉

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Stéphane Castrec Member answered 6 months ago

My favorite platform for now is api.ai.
I’m using it and it’s really simple and quite powerful.
It’s still miss some stuff as Account_linking for messenger.

Dominique Dejonghe Member answered 6 months ago

My favoriete platform is Manychat.  Ideal for marketing purposes and engagement building with your audience.  You can segment, add sequences, make it fun…😎